26 May 2008

Continuing my Dalek themed day (I dont know why, but just felt like a bit of Dalek reading) I found a rather amusing game. The Last Dalek

In the game, you play the lone Dalek, taking on the minions of the Van Stratten installation. This is the place that the Dalek’s make their re-entrance into Doctor Who as an item in a collection of military relics.

It is a three-quarter perspective shoot-em-up, with the ability to upgrade the Dalek with various alien tech parts. A bit of strategy is involved, as you can only arm two of the tech bits at a time - and they have different functions like opening doors, elevating and shooting to name a few.

I played it through to level five, its quite a neat little web-game, and reminded me a little of some classic old Amiga games.