26 May 2008

Last night I eventually saw the BBC’s Dr Who Episode “Dalek” - where a single live Dalek has been stored in a collection by a rather devious control freak. It was worth it also to see Christopher Ecclestone’s Doctor get really mad, and the Dalek telling the Doctor “You would make a good Dalek” - one of the best lines I have ever heard a Dalek say. Oddly enough, Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) actually felt sympathy for a Dalek, but you would have to watch the episode to see why.

Following this, I decided to have a look around for Dalek stuff on the net. Anyway I came across some rather interesting Dalek items.

The first is a great following of people rendering Daleks with various 3D packages - a quick google search, and you will find many. In these, I came across the Spider Dalek - a prototype Dalek which will be some peoples worst nightmares combined!

An imperial spider dalek! A chilling concept

This led me to the one remaining source of good renders of these - the Dalek Chess Project. Yes - some crazy people have started a project to make a battlechess game variant with Daleks as pieces. It uses the two factions (Rebel and Imperials) seen in Remembrance of the Daleks, and has the Dalek Spiders as Bishops.

For those of you who have never seen Battlechess, it is rather like the Harry Potter wizards chess - where the pieces brutally smash each other. In this version, they use their deadly death-rays and plungers to destroy each other.

The Dalek Chess Project

Finally - because I like Lego, I also found a Minifig Scale Dalek. Although simplistic - it is definitely recognisably a Dalek. Feel free to comment if you have built one of your own - Lego Daleks really would be fantastic.