06 June 2005

I have decided to pull out my old Amiga 1200 computer, and try to recover all of the old software and disks, so I can (sadly) part with it before we move. After reading a number of message boards, I am having a play with the Amiga Explorer software from Cloanto - I have to say, it really does the job. I think the installation over the serial line is inventive, and works okay as long as you got your devices set up correctly in workbench, but tinkering with my Startup-Sequence and devs directory really took me back about 10 years!

My Amiga has also developed a bad habit of crashing to a white screen after 20 or 30 minutes. I suspect one or more of the custom chips has had it, and is just about holding up until it overheats. I have bought another one off ebay for the job, and may have an interesting time seeing what I can salvage from my old one. I am going to be transcoding a large amount of my old Octamed music into a modern package - first a faithful note-for-note reproduction, then I will go on a bit of a remixing spree, modernising the styles and themes a little. I will post the details of hearing them later, but I will probably be using Last.fm to host them.