12 May 2005

A few years ago, I acquired some MegaBloks pieces, and decided to make this ship. I have not really named it properly though.

The ship was as much an exploration of what I could do with MegaBloks as it was an expression. While I enjoyed it, I also concluded that they could not be relied upon to make solid connections, and was dismayed to find out by how much the plates mismatched. I really couldn’t use them for anything serious in my robots. But hey, this particular model looked good and fun.

One thing that is clear from these shots is that colour scheme of the particular set was not unlike some of the early Transformers - putrid greens, purples and greys. However- the green works well for the engines on the rear of the ship - as you will later see.

However - the colour scheme makes the attempted greebles (sticky out bits on a ship to give it depth, detail and character) look a bit odd- given they are normally in greys and blacks.

Probably my favourite shot, if you will excuse the hand and the shower. The shot clearly shows the communications tower at the rear of the ship, and the formation of the middle two sets of purple curved panels - which I had intended both to represent something like the X-Impulse from StarFleet.

The underside of the ship, showing the landing struts and a small weapons/sensor pod on the underside of the ship.

This is a rear shot of the ship. Note that the parts that look like old fashioned rockets are not intended to be the ships engines, but are to do with the weapons pods under the upper tail platform/wings. The green round areas are intended as the ships engines.

In this shot - you can see that the landing struts in the middle did not do well on the landings - though they were a compromise when I couldn’t use more of the red struts I used elsewhere.