28 November 2014

At our office we have a vending machine. It has the slogan “A fresh experience every time”. It vends a fairly run-of-the-mill set of sugary (or sugar free) canned drinks, and a token from-concentrate orange juice drink.

Maybe I am missing something, but could someone actually tell me what, if anything is fresh about it? The word to me suggests fruit or veg - not canned or frozen. Or perhaps fish/meat from a counter. Perhaps sushi.

Cola drinks are not fresh. They may be refreshing I’ll grant. But they are chemically processed, and about as far from “fresh food” as I can think.

As for a fresh experience, when you’ve drank one diet soda of a particular brand, every other can will taste the same, at least until they modify the formulae every few years.

Perhaps they meant refreshing?