04 November 2014

If you are attempting to be involved in local politics, it can be very hard to reconcile this with a full time job.

My local MP, and the MP in my previous area (Northolt) both hold formal and informal meetings, surgery, coffee mornings. But the the thing is that they hold them during office hours. This may be fine for the retired, part time and non-working. But for me to take part I would have to take a half-day away.

I am able to ask my MP questions via email - to which he is very responsive, but I have not met the chap and I think the opportunity to do so in the contexts above would make sense.

It does reinforce the feeling that the retired, or those with the kind of wealth that they don’t need a day job, have far fewer obstacles to influencing the politics than others. Which would suggest that policies will probably favour them as they are most strongly represented at these events.

There must be a better way…