03 August 2014

Housing is expensive, and shanty towns can be found in much of the world. 3D printing may be used to start being able to make houses that are considerablyu more affordable, more structurally sound, more structurally interesting while better conforming to building regulations and requirements of residents.

First up is http://www.contourcrafting.org/ who have been building and designing 3d printers capable of building a simple 2 storey house in 20 hours. These are able to pick and place structural enhancements, plumbing and electrical parts as they go, making the whole process far simpler. They have visions of moving from rectilinear houses to more interesting curving structures, currently only the place of royalty and casinos. Which are both more interesting and aso more strong. This companyu is involved in 3d printed structures for nasa, so robots can start building moonbases!

In China, where housing is much needed, a company has produced solid results http://rt.com/news/155220-3d-printer-houses-china/.

Finally - those who are more arty - 3d printing holds the key, like this http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/man-3d-prints-castle-back-garden-using-concrete-printer-he-invented-1459223#.U9sra_L9gw0.email