15 May 2011

A highlight of my daily commute for a number of months was padding G-BOAB - one of the Concorde Fleet operated by BA until 2003. It is a truly beautiful machine, even if it is all analogue in side, the engines and wing shape are stunning.

It has now been moved, and rumour has that it is being prepared for a plinth on the Thames, close to the London Eye - the Big wheel, sponsored by EDF. There is also speculation that it may feature somehow in the Olympic Games - but I am not sure how.

I’ll miss passing it, but here’s to seeing it serve a purpose better than rusting in the corner of London Heathrow Airport.

On a related note, we took our daughter, nearly 2 years old, to see the Science Museum in South Kensington, London, and visited the Flight section - I took a good close look at the Harrier Jump jet they have there, and an exhibit I’d not seen there before, a Sno-cat from a 1958 Antarctic Expedition. Our journey to and from the Science Museum takes us through Westfield, and past Earls Court Exhibition Centre as well as the Natural History Museum.