09 March 2006

It has been proposed that there should be held, for the benefit of Lego (and other builders/makers), a day for them to just experience the joy of the build.

IDLE - International Day Of Lego Enthusiasts, has been proposed to take place on the 18th March, by a Lugnet poster, Tony Alexandre. 18th March is apparently the day after St Patricks day, and for some results in days off in lieu (though many of us, me included, don’t have that luxury). This year, the day is a Saturday, so you wouldn’t need to book it off.

The concept is that you simply go to your favourite comfortable building place, with creature comforts, like soft drinks and music, and then build - whatever you like.

I, for one, will most certainly be enjoying it, and it is great to have an excuse (not that one is really needed too much) just to take time out and do that. However, Tony Alexandre may want to have it recognised as a mid-year day off in a period where there are not many of them, so maybe next year I will book the day as well.

As I am some way through my lathe build (yes I am building a lathe with mostly Lego and some non-Lego cutting components), it would be interesting to spend the day continuing that.

I will post any interesting photos of my WIP builds, presuming I remember to take some while putting it together.

I also would like to draw the Make magazines attention to this day - as I am sure they would find it as noble an idea as I do. So to builders/makers/AFOLS everywhere, Lego or not - take the 18th day of march and enjoy it!