10 December 2005

I now have at least a couple of open source projects that I would like to release into the wild. However, while I don’t mind hosting landing pages for the basics or information and tracking here, I need somewhere to host them under subversion control (as they already are locally).

According to D’Arcy Normans blog and Bieber Labs, Sourceforge are considering this, but have not yet taken the plunge. The concern is, both of those articles are fairly early in the year, and sourceforge have removed all references to it - have they given it up? The frustration at lack of subversion support on sourceforge has been vented at numerous places, for example in this older article Eitan Suez: I want my Subversion.

Have any readers got any ideas? The few tikiwiki extensions I have created, as well a couple of generic python projects, and a forthcoming design system need to go here, so your answers will benefit the tikiwiki community as well as me. I am certain the hosts I pay for the site could not support the combination of svn + trac I would like, and as these projects are to be released free to the community, I would hope that there is some place to host such projects freely.

(Update - 2014 calling 2005 - use git and github! ;) )