28 July 2005

This weekend, after waiting for our move, I opened the Titan XP Lego box. Quite an impressive number of pieces, and a good looking mecha for the main model.

However, before I even managed the first of the listed models, I got inspired, and created myself a lighthouse and steamer (my wife was watching the movie Titanic at the time). Remember - all of the thumbnails are clickable:

I then spotted my Geoff Wayne “War Of The Worlds” CD, and was further inspired. This was, after all, a mech set. I had also recently seen a tripod posting on Lugnet mecha - so I decided to have a go.

I built my own interpretation of the fighting machines as described by HG Wells:

I then modified the boat into something like the ThunderChild - a steamboat/gunship depicted on the musicals cover, fighting a hopeless battle with the martian war machines:

I then took some mobile phone shots of them together - a diorama if you like:

Then I had an attempt at the fall of the ThunderChild (a major scene in the musical version) - the orange grill is meant to be melting metal.

At this point, I decided to go all out, and get out the real digital camera. I put together a polystyrene foam backing - that I hoped would make for a neutral background. I then starting building some scenery for the scene.

I built a microscale Lego London, including Big Ben, Westminster, and Tower Bridge, as well as a Lego equivalent of cardboard cutout distant burning buildings.

Tower Bridge up close

Microscale London

Here are some shots of the battle scene

Here I tried to get perspective from foot to head of the martian machine:

This was a straight on shot - face to face with the war machine

Finally - as I was feeling a little proud of my creation, and wanted a bit of fun, I used the Gnu Image Manipulation Tool (the GIMP) to “photoshop” a few of the images:

I may try at some point to put together CAD models of these, but unfortunately, many of the parts used in the whole scene are simply not available in LDraw yet.

Rf Signal Generator

In other news, I have now received a professional RF signal generator - its not really suitable for square waves and such, but if it works - it could find its uses.

This means the home made one still definitely has some life in it, and I probably will continue modifying and improving it.